The Loss Index: Perishables and Other Miscellanea

The Loss Index: Perishables and Other Miscellanea

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Period5 April - 2 June 2013
Location 51 Waterloo,

The Private Museum is proud to present The Loss Index: Perishables and other Miscellanea by Singaporean artist, Ye Shufang, following the success of her previous exhibition, The Happiness Index, here in 2011. Shufang has created a series of new watercolour drawings and will also re-present her internationally-renowned agar-agar installations for the last time.

With an ongoing research focus on the ephemeral and the ‘ready-made’ from her 17 years of art practice, Shufang’s current series of drawings are an attempt to measure, categorise and understand a miscellany of vast infinite items, from baking moulds to emotions, classified in a system using grids, circles and colour spectrums. In her past artworks, the study of and the attempt to measure and record the impermanent are manifested in installations that adopt basic processes, ephemeral materials and ready-mades. Aside from the 2 new presentations of her past agar-agar installations, Shufang will also be showing an agar-agar and rubber strips installation for the first time.

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Artist Ye Shufang,

Ye Shufang (b. 1971, Singapore)

Ye Shufang’s art practice spans over 17 years, with a research focus on the ephemeral and the ‘ready-made’. She has participated in numerous solo and curated exhibitions and forums in Singapore, Asia and Europe.

Her exhibition credits include solo exhibitions at The Belgrade Cultural Centre in Serbia, Cemeti Art House in Yogyakarta and Plastique Kinetic Worms in Singapore. Her curated exhibitions include Feminine Imaginare 2002 in Venice, Floating Chimeras in Sollentuna, 2001 and World Exposition 2005 in Japan.

Shufang’s drawing ‘Exercises in Shape (II) was selected as one of 100 favourite artworks of 2011 by Bazaar Art (China) magazine; featured in the January 2012 issue. Shufang was one of 10 recipients of the inaugural President’s Young Talents Exhibition award in 2001.


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