Make Yourself at Home: A Glimpse into All Welcoming Scenarios

Make Yourself at Home: A Glimpse into All Welcoming Scenarios

Exhibition Information

Opening DayFriday, 7 January 2023
Guest of Honour Prof Kwok Kian Woon, Vice Chancellor, University of the Arts Singapore
Period07 January - 26 March 2023
Location The Private Museum, A Private Residence,

The Private Museum Singapore is pleased to present Make Yourself at Home: A Glimpse into All Welcoming Scenarios, an exhibition at a special interim location, a private residence, since it moved out of its previous home. Having been preparing for its relocation to 11 Upper Wilkie Road, it was also a time for introspection, ruminating on what it means to be ‘The Private Museum’.

The conceptualisation of the exhibition began in part as an existential query into the meaning behind why The Private Museum was founded, and continues to pose similar questions to the public through a multi-focal approach. The exhibition is carved into two parts that correspond to the disciplines of art and design, offering a glimpse of the museum’s upcoming programmes at its new home, which is projected for its inaugural launch in the second half of 2023, on top of its ongoing developments in design and branding.

Revisiting the museum’s key platforms, the exhibition features selected works and practices by artists from Singapore and the Asia Pacific such as Kumari Nahappan, Natee Utarit, Ian de Souza, Andy Yang, and independent curator John Tung. Within the design and branding presentation are an interactive and research-driven showcase presented in collaboration with local design studio Currency as well as a dollhouse model of the museum’s new home, designed by the award-winning WOHA Architects, and produced by Integrus Model.

Drawing from the philosopher Jacques Derrida’s ethics of hospitality, Make Yourself at Home is a double entendre that not only reflects the roots of the museum as a hosting ground for open collaboration with art practitioners and home for private collections, but also the ‘hospitality’ that is shown when a host welcomes guests into their living abode or art space. The locale of the exhibition being in a home is itself an enactment of one such welcoming scenario, serving as an apt reminder of the importance of patronage.

“In order to constitute the space of a habitable house and a home, you also need an opening, a door and windows… a passage to the outside world / to the stranger” says Derrida of hospitality. The exhibition invites viewers to embark on their journey of reflection—whether as a first-time visitor or a devoted museum-goer—to really consider what the words ‘The’ ‘Private’ ‘Museum’ put together as an entity in the arts eco-system could be for them.

This exhibition will run from 7 January to 26 March 2023.

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Artists & Independent Curator

Kumari Nahappan

Natee Utarit

Ian de Souza

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Programme Outreach

Daily from 9-15 January 2023, 11am and 3pm

Please note that registration for the exhibition guided tours during Singapore Art Week is strictly mandatory and we seek your understanding that walk-in visits will not be accommodated. Viewing of the exhibition after Singapore Art Week is by appointment only.

Due to limited capacity, we encourage you to register early. Upon registering your interest, an email will be sent to you to confirm your visit with the address of the exhibition venue.

As the exhibition is held at a private residence, there is no on-site parking available and we advise you to access the venue by public transportation.


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