Strange Connections: Art and Architecture

Strange Connections: Art and Architecture

Exhibition Information

Guest of HonourMs Goh Swee Chen, Chairman, National Arts Council
Period30 May - 28 July 2024
Location 11 Upper Wilkie Rd, The Private Museum,

In celebration of the museum’s first anniversary at the Osborne House, The Private Museum is proud to present Strange Connections: Art and Architecture by Richard Hassell. Renowned as the founding director of WOHA Architects, Richard Hassell played a pivotal role in shaping the museum’s new chapter within the historic building.

In May 2023, The Private Museum officially received the keys to the Osborne House, situated atop the hill at 11 Upper Wilkie Road. The century-old house has endured the passage of time, its walls echoing stories. From its colonial-era beginnings as a residence to hosting a myriad of occupants from different historical periods, and now a haven for the arts, the house is a vessel that encapsulates countless narratives.

The exhibition explores the intricate relationship between art and architecture, delving into the historical narratives of Osborne House dating back to the 1830s. As part of research for the museum’s reimagining, Hassell discovered strange connections between the building’s history and his own. The showcase reflects his ongoing investigation into emergent phenomena through playful visual constructions, encouraging contemplation of the interplay between the physical and the abstract, and the historical and the contemporary.

Hassell’s explorations in art began in his childhood, with his practice now spanning drawing, painting, and sculpture. His passion for the scientific, philosophical, and cultural elements of patterns, systems, and networks manifests in both his architecture and art. In particular, his exploration of complex tiling, made public in 2016, had led to exhibitions in Singapore, Taiwan, Europe and the USA.

Strange Connections invites visitors to an exhibition of art and architecture that delves into history, science, and the web of connections that link us all.


The exhibition will be run from 30 May to 28 July 2024.

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Saturday, 30 June 2024, 11am

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Programme Publication

The Chronic Compulsions: Selected Works from Art Addicts Anonymous exhibition publication features essay contributions by Low Sze Wee, Michelle Ho and Michael Lee and accompanied by a foreword text by Dr John Chia.