Han Sai Por: Secret Landscapes – A Ball Purnati Artist Residency

Han Sai Por: Secret Landscapes – A Ball Purnati Artist Residency

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Opening Day4 August 2016, Thursday
Period05 August - 25 September 2016
Location 51 Waterloo,

The Private Museum is proud to present Han Sai Por: Secret Landscapes – A Bali Purnati Artist Residency by one of Singapore’s leading sculptors and cultural medallion recipientHan Sai Por. The exhibition marks the museum’s second collaboration with Yayasan Bali Purnati, as well as the artist’s inaugural solo acrylic-medium focused exhibition.

Nature has been always one of Han’s core influences in her practice. With vigour and tenacity, she immersed herself in the rich textures of natural landscapes and traversed in the untamed terrains of the mystical Indonesian island of Bali. Han’s new body of works captures the essence of Balinese topography—allowing the viewer to delve into the depth of her art practice.

The highlights of the exhibition include artistic interpretations of various geographical visits: the volcanic regions of Mount Batur and Mount Agung, the pristine beaches of Amed, Ketewel and Bias Tugel, the crashing waves of Water Blow Nusa Dua, and the expansive rice terraces of Jatiluwih.

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About the Collaboration


Artist Han Sai Por,

Han Sai Por (b. 1943)

Han Sai Por (b. 1943) is a leading Asian sculptor and Singapore Cultural Medallion Award recipient. She has participated extensively in both local and international exhibitions. Her projects and works can be found in numerous international institutions, public space and private collections which include China, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States. Han’s recent accolades include the Top Prize at the XI Triennale-India (2005), Outstanding City Sculpture Award (2006) and was selected as a finalist in the Beijing Olympic Landscape Sculpture Competition (2008) and in 2014, Han inducted into the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame.



1965–1968 Singapore Teachers’ Training College
1975–1977 Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
1979–1980 East Ham College of Art, United Kingdom
1980–1983 Wolverhampton College of the Art, United Kingdom
2004–2008 Lincoln University, Christchurch, New Zealand


Solo Exhibitions

2015 The Cultural Medallion and Visual Arts 1979 – 2015, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
2014 Moving Forest, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore
2013 Black Forest 2013, Institution of Southeast Asian Gallery 1 & 2, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
2011 The Black Forest, Jendela Visual Arts Space Esplanade, Singapore
2009 The Changing Landscape, The Luxe Art Museum, Singapore
2006 Oasis, Sculpture Square, Singapore
2002 20 Tonnes – Physical consequences, Atrium @ MITA Building, Singapore
1999 Rain Forest, Plastique Kinetic Worm, Singapore
1993 Four Dimensions, Singapore National Museum


Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 Art Stage, Singapore
2015 London Art Biennale 2015, Chelsea Old Town Hall, United Kingdom, Chianciano Biennale, Chianciano Art Museum, Italy
2014 Art Basel, Hong Kong, Unearthed, Singapore Art Museum, Art Stage, Singapore
2013 The Realm in the Mirror, the Vision out of Image – Singapore Contemporary Art Exhibition,       Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, China
2012 Contact – Three Singaporean Art Exhibition, Yuan Xiao Cen Art Museum, Yunnan, China.
2008 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture International Exhibition, Beijing, China
2006 The XI Triennale – India, New Delhi, India
2005 The XI Triennale – India, New Delhi, India
2002 The First International Miniature Sculpture Exhibition, National Museum Of History, Taiwan
1998 International Sculpture Exhibition, Quebec, Canada
1991 Sculpture in Singapore, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore
1989 Third Asian Art Show, Fukuoka Museum, Japan
1986 Contemporary Asian Art Show, National Museum of Modem Art, Seoul, Korea
1985 Second Asian Art Show, Fukuoka Museum, Japan
1985 Singapore Sculpture Exhibition, National Museum Art Gallery



2015 Leonardo Award for Sculpture, Chianciano Biennale, Italy
2014 Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame, Singapore Council of Women’s                            Organizations
2011 Distinguished Alumni Awards, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
2008 Finalist, 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture International Competition, China
2006 Outstanding City Sculpture Award, China
2005 Top Prize, XI Triennale – India
1995 Cultural Medallion Award

Programme Outreach

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Han Sai Por shared about her artist residency and journey in Bali that inspired her to create these latest series of works in the exhibition. It is an opportunity for collectors and art lovers to meet the renowned artist in person and find out more about her artistic practice.

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