Repeat, Repeat, Repeat; revising the phenomenon of printing

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat; revising the phenomenon of printing

Exhibition Information

Opening Day16 May 2019, Thursday, 6:30pm
Guest of Honour Seng Yu JinMr Seng Yu Jin, Senior Curator, National Gallery Singapore
Period17 May - 7 July 2019
Location 51 Waterloo,

The Private Museum (TPM) Singapore is pleased to present Repeat, Repeat, Repeat; revising the phenomenon of printing—a group exhibition curated by Zaki Razak. This marks the second edition of the TPM Guest Curator series—collaborating with Guest Curators to facilitate and support independent and experimental curatorial practice, and to present different perspectives on our world. The exhibition will feature works by seven artists including Miguel Chew, Weixin Chong, Mona Choo, Urich Lau, Nadia Oh, Shin-Young Park, and Yeo Shih Yun.

There have been numerous exhibitions based on traditional printing methods and the expanded practice of artists who adopted painterly approaches; explored a certain degree of experimentation; challenged the convention in what is permissible; and demonstrated sophisticated control of process. What seems more substantial is the repeating pattern of thematic exhibitions, which emphasized on the possibilities of print. There seems to be a similar sentiment towards an often-repeated source, the rockstar of printmaking, Albrecht Dürer. His works are the first to be considered the most refined and celebrated due to their meticulous and dynamic forms which never fail to feed on our sight.

One definite consensus made is not to realise a medium-based approach exhibition but to break open the closed system of perception of printmaking and to instil a point of discussion on the phenomenon of printing; responding to the essence of the tradition or the emergence of the mechanism of multiplication and repetition; the context of its evolution and revolution; and what its consequences are in this day and age. The artists’ visual responses in forms and formation are meant to be symbolic visual cues to the journey of printing towards a knowledgeable ascent—to bring a certain degree of consciousness. What was before and after the invention of the Gutenberg printing machine and how did printed matter change or affect the human condition?

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About the Collaboration

Miguel CHEW (b. 1973, Singapore) holds a Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He embodies some traditional notions of craftsmanship refined by processes of reflection and engagement. Through this journey there emerge some surprising elements of creativity and innovativeness, demonstrated not just in the conceptual notion of his work but also its formal bearing. Every artist should not merely be conceptual or creative, but also understand how the making of an art object is itself a revolutionary form and practice. Miguel embraces this readily as part of his dedication and practice. He is a contemporary and practicing artist currently lecturing at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He has created large-scale works and been commissioned for public works.

Weixin Quek CHONG (b. 1988, Singapore) is a visual artist whose practice explores materiality, afterlives of images, and relationships between the digital, organic, and aesthetic. Effects and methods of translating images across materials are core to her practice. She received her Master in Fine Arts from the Royal College of Art in London and her Bachelor from LASALLE College of the Arts with a specialisation in printmaking. She works with qualities and aesthetics of this extremely versatile medium of print across different materials, drawing from a love of books and their forms of image and text that create an engaging visuality of knowledge. She was a recipient of the NAC Overseas Arts Scholarship (Postgraduate) (2012) and theTan Ean Kiam Postgraduate Scholarship.

Mona CHOO (b. Singapore) is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work sits in the intersection between science and spirituality. Her current obsession is with consciousness, leading her to research into theories of quantum physics, sacred geometry, and higher dimensions. Her work is process-driven, hence her continual experimentation with new materials and combinations of techniques such as printmaking, sculpture, and photography. Mona holds a Master in Art & Science from Central St Martins College of Art and Design. She was awarded the International Print Artist-in-Residence at the Victoria & Albert Museum, UK, in 2009. She has exhibited widely in the UK, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. She was recently a finalist for the 2018 Tom Bass Prize for Figurative Sculpture in Australia.

Urich LAU (b. 1975, Singapore) is a visual artist, independent curator and art educator based in Singapore. Working in video art and photography, he has presented works in Singapore, Argentina, Australia, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Serbia, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, and Uzbekistan. Exhibitions include Singapore Biennale (2013), VII Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art, the 7th Geumgang Nature Art Biennale and Pyeongchang Biennale (2017). He graduated with a Master of Fine Art from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2004. He is a lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts, founding member of the art collective INTER–MISSION, member of The Artists Village, Instinctive (INSTINC Art Space), and resident artist at Goodman Arts Centre, Singapore.

Nadia OH Sueh Peng (b. Singapore) is a visual artist based in Singapore. Nadia received her Master of Art in Fine Art from Goldsmiths’ College, University of London at LASALLE College of the Arts in 2014. Her artworks include lithography and aquatint printmaking, mixed media painting, sculptures, and photographic prints on fabric together with stitching. Nadia’s approach to artwork is poetic and intricate. She is inspired by fleeting moments of light and shadow in nature, as seen from the confines of the typical Singaporean HDB apartment block. She aims to explore the notion of earthly and empyreal treasures through her work and experiments with different media in her art practice. She has exhibited locally and internationally in Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan and more.

Shin-Young PARK (b. 1975, South Korea) is a Korean-born New visual artist. Park completed her Bachelor and Master in Fine Art at the Elam School of Fine Art at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Park moved to Singapore in 2006 and has since showcased her print works through art galleries in Singapore and participated in overseas exchange shows, art fairs, workshops, international residency programmes, and charity auctions. Park has also won several awards and nominations. Through the years, she touched on various subject matters but her main passion and interest have been about the lives of underprivileged people in society. She is currently a member of the Print Council Aotearoa New Zealand and president of The Artists Village, Singapore.

YEO Shih Yun (b. 1976, Singapore) graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1998 with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. She then joined LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts and completed a Diploma in Communication Design, prior to her pursuit of the Post Baccalaureate Programme in painting at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2002. Professionally, Yeo is known to reinterpret the act of ink painting with striking results. Her experimentations with the fusion of the traditional form and contemporary mediums have garnered considerable acclaim. Additionally, Yeo has held solo and group exhibitions in Singapore, Japan, Germany, and in the international scene. YEO is also the Founder of the independent art space “INSTINC” in Singapore, where she currently lives and works.

Programme Outreach

Saturday, 25th May 2019, 3 PM

In the Artist & Curator talk, the artists discuss the themes presented in the exhibition with curator, Zaki Razak. Attendees of the talk gain insight into the processes, find out more about their art practices and engage in conversations about their visions and motivations.

Programme Publication

The Repeat, Repeat, Repeat exhibition publication features a curatorial essay by Zaki Razak.