Old Campus Revisited: A Chua Ek Kay Collection of the Catholic High School

Old Campus Revisited: A Chua Ek Kay Collection of the Catholic High School

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Opening Day10 January 2012, Tuesday, 6.30pm
Guest of HonourProfessor Tommy Koh, Ambassador-at-large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Singapore
Period11 January - 11 March 2012
Location 51 Waterloo,

The Private Museum presents an exhibition which showcases the Catholic High School’s special collection of paintings by the late local artist, Chua Ek Kay, who is an old boy of the school. He is known for his combination of both Eastern and Western art techniques and theories in his works. A special selection from the Catholic High School will be featured in this exhibition with subject matters ranging from traditional Chinese paintings of birds and flowers, to old buildings and abstractions which reflects the evolution of Ek Kay’s artistic practice. The highlight of this exhibition will be the display of four Chinese ink paintings of the former Catholic High School campus at 222 Queens Street, now 51 Waterloo Street. Coincidentally, this is where The Private Museum is currently located. Ek Kay painted these works in 2005 with the sole purpose of donating them to the school and its new campus in Bishan. Ek Kay donated more works to the school subsequently, totaling to an impressive number of twenty-five Chinese ink paintings.

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Artist Biography

Chua Ek Kay (1947 – 2008)

The late Chua Ek Kay was a China-born Singaporean artist who practiced contemporary Chinese ink paintings and is known for his combination of both Eastern and Western art theories and techniques in his works. He also engaged in art lecturing as well as curatorship and poetry. In 1991, Chua won the first prize in the inaugural UOB (United Overseas Bank) Painting of the Year Competition. His major exhibitions include a solo exhibition at the Shanghai Art Museum, China in 2005. He was also a Cultural Medallion recipient in 1999. Notable exhibitions include Recent Works by Chua Ek Kay in 1995 at the University of Western Sydney, Australia and Power and Poetry, Monuments and Meditations in Chinese Ink Painting at the Singapore Art Museum in 1999.


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