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Opening Day8 June 2017, Thursday, 6:30pm
Period9 June - 25 June 2017
Location 51 Waterloo,

The Private Museum is proud to present LINES, a group exhibition which celebrates the museum’s new initiative, the emerging artist platform to support and encourage the development of emerging artistic talents in Singapore.

A manifestation of ongoing conversations between the 8 emerging artists and the curators, LINES features painting, print-making, photography, video art and installation. While exploring the idea of distinctions, the spoken exchanges probe into themes of cultural ideologies, social landscapes, identities and the human psyche. The exhibition encapsulates the nuances of the artists’ thoughts and processes through their works.

Featuring new works by Ben Yap, Brenn Tan, Izzy Tan, Jackson Kang, Odelia Tang, Quinn Lum, Rafi Abdullah and Tristan Lim.

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About the Collaboration

Ben Yap (b.1985, Singapore)

Graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2011, and received his Bachelor’s (Hons) Fine Art from NAFA in partnership with Loughborough University, U.K in 2017. He works predominantly in the photography medium, but utilises appropriation methods and a mixed media approach in his installations. He has participated in several group exhibitions in Singapore at Art Apart Fair (2013), 8Q SAM (2013), and Lim Hak Tai Gallery (2016). Ben was a finalist for the Cliftons Art Prize 2016, and recently exhibited in the Chiang Mai Photo Festival 2017, Young Eyes Edition.

Brenn Tan (b. 1990, Singapore

A visual artist currently pursuing a (BA) Hons in Design Communication at Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore. They have always questioned the line between Illustration and Design being primarily an illustrator. Heavily inspired by dreams and the subconscious, their works interweaves the surreal with narratives and aims to question or critique the real with the use of symbolism, metaphors and fiction. Brenn primary works in digital mediums and aims to explore all its iterations of image making. They have exhibited at 8Q SAM (2013) and PHUNK (2014).

Izzy Tan (b. 1992, Singapore)

A graphic designer and artist. His practice is informed by the pursuit of clarity, purity and simplicity. Izzy works with familiar forms and imagery with intent to create a universal understanding of the subject matter. His approach is expressed through an exercise of restraint, working across a medium of design, typography and illustration. He has exhibited at Goodman Art Centre (2012), National Museum of Singapore (2013), PHUNK (2014), Art Seasons (2015), Foothills Gallery (2015).

Jackson Kang (b.1991, Malaysia)

A Singapore-based visual artist from Johor, Malaysia—graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a Diploma in Illustration Design in 2012. He works in mixed media and installations to fabricate religious iconography in an artificial site. Creating the term “Post-relic”, his area of interest aims to re-evaluate our ritualistic relationship with these artefacts, stripped of its monumental and contextual values. He engaged the medium of drawing and painting for many years before making a shift towards his current self-taught practice. He has exhibited at 8Q SAM (2013) and Kult Gallery (2013, 2016).

Odelia Tang (b.1993, Singapore)

A visual artist currently pursuing a (BA) Hons in Fine Art at Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore. Her art practice circulates around emotionally visceral concepts influenced by her interests in psychotherapy. Working primarily in traditional medium such as oil painting, printmaking and graphite, she believes in the unity of art and the frameworks of the brain in pursuit of a better living, and seeks to define and pursue ideas of the subconscious as a form of observation and question. Her works have been exhibited at PHUNK (2014), Art Seasons (2015) and Mulan Gallery (2016) which were featured on, The Straits’ Times, Channel News Asia, Telegraph UK and buro247.


Quinn Lum Fu Loong (b.1993, Singapore)

Constantly explores the idea of control and imposed expectations as a way of understanding his personal identity and social environment. Raised in a result oriented childhood, he aims to express his deep desire for freedom while being the voice for those in silence. His recent works have been exhibited in various exhibitions including China International Photo Festival (2015), Auckland International Photo Festival (2016), IN RELATION: ND81 Photographic Exhibition (2016) and Noise Singapore (2016). Quinn’s works have been awarded with the Most Promising Young Artist Award in UOB Painting 2010 and Gold with Honours in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts and Crafts Exhibition 2012.

Rafi Abdullah (b.1991, Singapore)

A former visual communication graduate from Nanyang Polytechnic’s, School of Design and is currently pursuing a (BA) Hons in Arts Management at Lasalle College of the Arts. He works predominantly in the digital media and print medium, and his current interests are in the intersections of art and design, text-based art and navigating the contemporary society. His recent works were exhibited in a group exhibition entitled, Cernunnos presented by fine-art graphic print gallery, Ludo Gallery (2015).

Tristan Lim (b.1993, Singapore)

A visual artist currently pursuing a (BA) Hons in Fine Arts at Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore. His art practice examines the interactions among digital, physical and pictorial spaces, resulting in imagery that reflect the dialogues and tensions during these interactions, along with their allure. Influenced by contemporary visual culture, he has explored this notion through drawing, video, animation, and is currently focused on exploring painting and the artist’s physical engagement with the medium. He has participated in exhibitions at 8Q SAM (2013), The Arts House (2013) and Kult Gallery (2016).

Programme Outreach

Saturday, 10 June 2017

The 8 artists will discuss their art practices and the development of their works at The Private Museum. This is an opportunity to meet the emerging artists and find out more about their thoughts, experiences and visions.

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