The Private Museum Virtual Gala 2021

About the Gala

Date30 October 2021
Guest of HonourMr Tan Chuan-Jin, Speaker of the Parliament of Singapore

In celebration of our 11th anniversary, we warmly invite you to The Private Museum’s Virtual Gala 2021.

This year our virtual fundraiser is themed, “Hope”, as we look towards a hopeful future together past the challenges and struggles exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has been a fulfilling journey since our humble beginnings at 51 Waterloo Street and we are excited for a new chapter in a new space. Your support will enable us to continue to serve the community and art eco-system as well as promote art appreciation. It is also crucial in our efforts in securing a new home for the museum.

Support the Annual Gala 2021

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All proceeds will be directed to funding our day-to-day operations that will help continue our eforts in
promoting art appreciation in Singapore.

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You will be contacted by our museum staff for confirmation should you have offered the highest bid. 

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Other Ways to Support

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Please contact us at 6738 2872, drop us an email at or download our Appeal Letter to learn more.

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Programme Booklet

Download our programme booklet and learn more about the exciting line-up of events for The Private Museum Virtual Gala 2021.