Life Drawing Workshops

As part of our outreach and educational programmes, The Private Museum (TPM) Singapore is hosting a series of life drawing workshops as an extension of our exhibition, Ian de Souza: Clear Light. Ian de Souza is a full-time practising artist and educator whose art practice spans more than four decades, including many years of experience in teaching and giving weekly figure drawing sessions back in Australia.

Life drawing remains an essential element to a lively art practice. As an art form, nude life drawing presents endless challenges to the artist. In the presence of a life model, and through simple materials and sensitive gestures, the artist attempts not only to represent the physical aspects of the figure but also embody within these marks something of the spirit and personality of the model. At the completion of this workshop, you will learn to think differently and to create unique works.

Date: 19th & 26th October 2019
Time: 2:00 – 5:00 PM
The Private Museum

Life Drawing Workshop by Ian de Souza at The Private Museum

About the Exhibition

The Private Museum (TPM) Singapore is delighted to present Clear Light by Australian artist, Ian de Souza. The exhibition marks the artist’s debut showcase in Singapore after more than four decades of practising art. Born in 1939 in then Malaya, de Souza grew up in a period of turbulence. He spent his early years in Singapore and Malaysia under colonial British and Japanese rule before moving to New South Wales, Australia at the age of 16. Between the 1960s-70s, the artist toured the world as a musician, performing alongside pop icons such as the Bee Gees, before becoming a full-time artist in 1980.

Clear Light is a response from the artist to his lifelong pursuit of passion, knowledge and technical mastery, and the realisation that comes from years of thoughtful introspection. In this homecoming exhibition, visitors will get to experience de Souza’s latest series of paintings – which explore the artist’s contemplations on life as well as a revisit of his Eastern heritage, spirituality and harmony.