The Private Museum is a registered charity and a registered Institution of Public Character (IPC) dedicated in support for the growing enthusiasm for art, culture and heritage in Singapore. As part of our public outreach and education programme, we aim to bring collectors and artist closer to the general public and to help foster interest and the support for the art.

The Private Museum runs mainly on passion and private donations. All donors will enjoy 250% Tax Deduction for their donations and all unutilized deductions can be carried forward for 5 years. Funds received will cover the costs of operating, developing public outreach programmes and producing exhibitions and publications. If you wish to support us and our efforts, you can do so by making a contribution or help us by sponsoring our exhibitions. Your contribution will attract Dollar for Dollar matching grant from MCCY and help us generate more support for the arts.

Founded by Singaporean philanthropist and real estate developer Daniel Teo, The Private Museum is situated in the heart of the Museum Precinct in an arts and cultural centre at 51 Waterloo Street – within walking distance of the Singapore Art Museum. This unique museum was established with the objectives of providing a space for art collectors to showcase their collections in a curated display as well as an alternative platform for artists to push boundaries in the expressions of various art forms.

Thank you for your interest in helping our organisation to promote art appreciation to the Singapore public and to help in the establishment of Singapore as a cultural artistic hub through public lectures and the support for art.

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How to Donate

You can donate to our cause online at Giving.SG.
If you wish to find out more about donations and sponsorships, please feel free to email us at gala@theprivatemuseum.org or call us at 6738 2872.