In conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2019, The Private Museum is pleased to present Of Dreams and Contemplation: Selections from the Collection of Richard Koh. As part of The Private Museum’s Collector Platform, this exhibition features contemporary works of international artists from the private art collection of veteran gallerist, Richard Koh of Richard Koh Fine Art.

Presented as a whole for the first time, this is the inaugural showcase of 33 carefully-selected artworks from Koh’s collection spanning more than 20 years. A gallerist by profession, Koh’s distinctive way of collecting is informed by his quiet reflection and interactions with the art world. This collection is an exploration of his journey in the world of art and life, in public and in private, within Southeast Asia and internationally.

Of Dreams and Contemplation reflects a multitude of Koh’s ruminations, personalities and interests through the works of 30 artists. Often referred by Koh as ‘Landscapes of Memory’, each work evokes a specific memory, a tangible reminder of a fleeting moment in his life. Mostly abstract and monochromatic, the works offer rare insights into Richard Koh’s private contemplations—inviting the viewer to interpret and delve deeper.


Nadiah BAMADHAJ, CHUNG Sang-Hwa, Paolo COTANI, GAO Weigang, HE Jian, HUANG Rui, JIA Aili, LAO Lianben, LAO Tongli, LIN Tianmiao, LIU Wei, Kedsuda LOOGTHONG, Kohei NAWA, Angel OTERO, Sopheap PICH, SHAO Yinong & Muchen, SHEN Fan, Natee UTARIT, WANG Keping, XU Zhen, Masaaki YAMADA, YANG Jie Chang, YANG Mushi, YANG Liming, YEOH Choo Kuan, Beatriz ZAMORA, Gianfranco ZAPPETTINI, ZHANG Zhenyu, ZHOU Chunya, ZHU Xinyu


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